Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools: About Our Website

Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools website was developed to bring you information about – you guessed it – the Winston Salem Forsyth County School system.  We strive to provide you with accurate information about the schools in Winston Salem, NC and the rest of the cities that make up the public school system in Forsyth County.  Information changes rapidly so please make sure you check with the individual schools in Winston Salem Forsyth County.

Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools: Sources

schools in winston salem ncThe vast majority of the information found on the Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools website was gathered on the official WSFCS website found here: WSFCS

The information was gathered at various intervals and is updated each year prior to the new school year starting.  Further, we also make updates to the website as we become aware of changes or errors in information contained within the website.

We encourage you to let us know if you find any errors in information, etc.  We also encourage you to write to us and ask for information that you may not find on our site.  We’re happy to help you find what you need.

Why Create Another Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools Website?

Great question and the short answer is – clarity.  We found the WSFCS to be confusing and poorly organized.  This is because each school is individually responsible for creating and updating the information about their school.  Some of the people at the individual schools are good at working with the “content management system” used by the WSFCS, but others are not very good at it.  In fact, many of the schools would be better off getting their students to fix the website(s) for them.  Sounds funny, but some schools actually do that (Mount Tabor, Jefferson Middle School and many more).  As a result, their websites are often far better than some of the others.

Nonetheless, we decided to gather and organize some of the basic information that we felt people were most interested in finding related to each school in the Winston Salem Forsyth County School system.


We are not affiliated with the WSFCS.  We are a group of individuals that pooled our efforts to create a local resource about the public schools in Winston Salem, NC.

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    Thank you so much for this great website! It is very informative.

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