Atkins High School Complex

Atkins High School Complex

Atkins High School ComplexAtkins High School Complex
3605 Old Greensboro Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone: (336) 703-6754
Fax: (336) 748-3565
Website: Atkins High School Complex
Hours: 8:55 am – 3:40 pm
School of Biotechnology Principal: Spencer Hardy
School of Computer Technology Principal: Joe Childers
School of Pre-Engineering Principal: Doug Gerringer
Assistant Principal: Araunah James
Assistant Principal: Alfreda Smith

School of Biotechnology

The School of Biotechnology offers a new perspective to 21st century education. Partnering with area businesses, the school has created a rigorous and relevant curriculum that provides multiple courses in biotechnology and medical sciences. This curriculum is supported by state-of-the-art technology and equipment that trains students in the concepts and skills necessary for success in our medical community.

Students have the opportunity to engage technology such as SMARTBoards, CPS (classroom performance systems), wireless laptop carts, biotechnology laboratory equipment, computerized human mannequins, and hospital equipment. Students also have the opportunity to be involved with business mentors and internships. Such experiences give students the desire, confidence, and preparation to pursue the education and career of their choice.

At the School of Biotechnology, our vision is for the students to be leaders in the medical and biotech community. Our vision is your future.

School of Biotechnology: Message From The Principal

Spencer Hardy

Rigor, Relevance and Relationship are the principles that the Atkins School of Biotechnology was founded on. Being a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) school, we certainly provide a curriculum that is relevant for the community that we live in. My staff works hard to be creative and teach beyond the traditional classroom. They both challenge and support our students in a rigorous fashion to propel them to success. By being a small school, we also know our students and engage them and encourage them throughout their time here.

It is the partnership between the teachers, the parents, and the students that creates the best learning environment for all. I encourage and welcome interactions among these groups and with myself to constantly improve on what we are doing here. Please feel free to call upon me and my staff whenever you have questions and concerns about the curriculum or the learning environment. It is only we work together that we can truly achieve excellence.

School of Computer Technology: Message From The Principal

Joe Childers

I am excited to be the principal at the School of Computer Technology. Our school offers unique educational opportunities for students interested in future careers or college pursuits in the fields of computer engineering and scientific visualization.

Our goal is to provide an environment where students are active participants in their learning within a safe, secure, and nurturing school environment. Our curriculum is rigorous, and we seek students who are serious about their education. Our school had high growth in North Carolina’s ABC growth model for 2009-2010.

I believe that the high school years are critical in helping students develop into good citizens and in laying the foundation for academic success beyond high school. It is our responsibility to provide an environment that nurtures each student’s intellectual, social, ethical, and physical development. I am excited about opportunities for students here at Atkins High School. We are all partners in our students’ education.

Here are just a few statistics outlining why a good education is critical. The US Department of Labor estimates that students today will have 10-14 jobs by the age of 38. To be competitive in these jobs, you can never stop learning—learning must continue beyond high school and beyond college.

According to former Secretary of Education Richard Riley, the top ten jobs today did not exist in 2000. School is currently preparing you for jobs that do not yet exist using technologies that have not yet been invented in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.

It is estimated that a week’s worth of the New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century. The amount of new technical information is now doubling every two years. This means that what you learn in the first two years of college will be outdated by your third year of study.

It is estimated that the amount of technical information doubles every 72 hours.

Today there are McDonalds restaurants in the Midwest that outsource manning their drive-through windows to India. The technology is good enough for this to happen, and it is cheaper for the company to outsource halfway around the world than to pay someone minimum wage here to do the job.

If every job in the United States were shipped to China, China would still have a labor surplus. China will soon become the largest English-speaking country in the world.

The unique strands at Atkins High School help prepare students for this future. With offerings in scientific visualization, engineering, and biotechnology, students at Atkins can take high-level courses not available to most high school students in North Carolina.

Are these challenging times. Sure. But are these exciting times? You bet. The world is changing, and students today have the opportunity to get a world class education, to become life long learners, and to make a real difference in the future of our planet.

School of Pre-Engineering

In the School of Pre-Engineering we believe that all students hold the keys for their own success. It is our responsibility to help give students the tools they will need on their road to success. The engineering emphasis of our career strands strives to teach students some basic skills that they will need in this increasingly global and highly technical world.

Beyond our career strands, we aim to teach our students how to Take Charge of their own success. All of our teachers are trained in a theory of behavior called, Perceptual Control Theory. Training in this theory gives strategies to help kids tap into their own internal motivation.

School of Pre-Engineering: Message From The Principal

Doug Gerringer

The School of Pre-engineering is a small learning community that encourages individual connections through a unique combination of academic rigor, relevant workplace experiences, and caring relationships. Students have the opportunity to prepare for careers in the fields of engineering, architecture, or manufacturing systems.

This curriculum is fully supported by materials and equipment including smart boards, classroom performance systems, portable wireless laptop computers, state of the art computer aided design software, and a magnificently equipped manufacturing systems lab.

Project based learning is emphasized in all classes to maximize student engagement. Our goal is for every student to graduate college ready. We believe that “The School of Pre-Engineering at Atkins High School believes in and is committed to demonstrated leadership based on a foundation of respect and responsibility.”

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