Caleb’s Creek Elementary School

Caleb’s Creek Elementary School

caleb creek elemetary school mascot1109 Salem Crossing Road
Kernersville, NC 27284
Phone: (336) 703-6757
Fax: (336) 993-2439
8:45 am – 3:15 pm
Principal: Judy Jones

Following is a message from the principal of Caleb’s Creek Elementary School that I thought was pretty informative:

What makes a successful school?

I’m not so sure there is an easy answer to this question, but I would like to share my ideas of what I believe makes up an effective, successful school.  A successful school should include the following:

  • Effective supervision- Supervision includes anyone that is directly responsible for improving classroom and school instruction.
  • Commitment among the entire staff and school community to improving instruction, which may mean that provisions are made in the curriculum for students of different interest, talents, and ambitions.
  • Teachers at different grade levels work together to clarify what ideas will be learned when.
  • Students are learning CONNECTED concepts rather than simply memorizing isolated facts, formulas and technical terms.
  • Students are ACTIVELY learning.
  • Teachers welcome curiosity, reward creativity, and encourage healthy questioning.
  • A mutual respect among the entire school community, which includes administrators, teachers, parents, students, specialists, assistants, bus driver, etc., etc., etc.  Remember…we’re all in this thing together!
  • A group of individuals who work together on a common goal, yet is able to be allegiant to his/her own individuality
  • Parent participation
  • A true understanding of what teachers and schools CAN be
  • Individuals that are willing to sacrifice their own immediate gains because the common goal is perceived as far more important
  • Leaders that recognize the importance of ongoing professional and personal growth
  • An orderly but not rigid climate
  • High expectations among students and faculty members
  • Close monitoring of student and teacher achievement
  • Teachers believing that ALL students can learn
  • Personal attention to the students
  • An emphasis placed on student responsibility
  • A sense of security and safety where children and adults, alike, can ask for help and they can be assured that help is on the way!

Just remember that successful schools do not happen by accident.  They are the products of successful people.  “A successful school is foremost an organization that defines good education for itself, through its goals and desired practices, and then engages in the ‘moral equivalent of war’ in achieving that vision.”  (Glickman 1987)

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