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Career Center

career centerCareer Center
1615 Miller Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Phone: (336) 727-8181
Fax: (336) 727-2115
Website: Career Center
Hours: 8:10 am – 3:10 pm
Principal: Dr. Dennis Moser
Assistant Principal: Andrew Carr
Assistant Principal: Sharon Creasy

Career Center Information

For over 30 years, Career Center has served as an extension of the regular high school programs. Students maintain their affiliation with their home high schools while completing Career Center courses. Students may take Advanced Placement, Career Technical, and Regular Curriculum courses. Career Center offers a challenging academic environment and unique learning opportunities.

Career Center Training

Career Center provides accelerated, rigorous industry-driven Career & Technical Education programs that allow students to acquire marketable Career & Technical Education knowledge, skills and experience. These skills transfer easily into the workplace or into further study beyond high school. In either instance, skills learned at the Career Center can dramatically increase students’ chances of success in the world of work.

Career Center and College Experience

Career Center offers college-bound students the opportunity for Advanced Placement courses as well as the development of successful college study habits. Students who successfully complete the national Advanced Placement exams may receive college credits. In any event, these courses can dramatically increase students’ chances of success in post-secondary education.

Career Center: Overall

Our atmosphere is unique. Students interact with other students from all across the county. We provide a college-like atmosphere, and have high expectations for students’ academic performance and social interactions. We encourage students to challenge themselves.

We are located at 1615 Miller Street, just behind Forsyth Technical Community College, and adjacent to the school system’s Central Office. Transportation is provided from each high school at various points throughout the day, and students’ schedules are created to accommodate transportation and other scheduling needs.

Our teachers bring rich and varied experiences to their classrooms. Many of our Advanced Placement teachers serve as College Board consultants. Our Career Technical Education teachers bring experience as masters in their fields.

Career Center Mission Statement

“A challenge for today, an education for tomorrow.”

The Career Center is committed to challenging our students academically, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to function in a technologically advanced and competitive world, instilling in them lifelong learning skills, and providing them with a supportive, safe environment in which they can reach their fullest potential.

Career Center Beliefs

Our first priority is student learning; rigorous academic standards and the wholehearted commitment of our faculty and staff allow students to perform at the highest level of their ability.

  1. Teachers, staff and administrators are firmly committed to maintaining a safe environment for our students.
  2. We foster positive relationships and boost respect among students and staff by recognizing our students’ unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs, and by affirming the diversity of all members of our school community.
  3. We provide students with the tools and skills necessary for effective utilization of electronic media along with print media in communication, researching, and creating their own works.
  4. We believe all students can learn; however, all learners have special needs and special gifts. We provide our students with various ways to learn and demonstrate their knowledge.
  5. We motivate students by demonstrating the relevance and effects of the knowledge they gain. At all phases, we encourage enthusiastic and active participation in the learning experience.
  6. We foster communication among school, parents, and the community at large, and maintain and expand our partnerships with businesses and community organizations.
  7. We promote a positive work ethic; good reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, strong math and computer skills, teamwork and leadership skills; and specific trade and technical skills to enable students to become life-long learners and productive members of society.

Who attends the Career Center?

Career Center serves students from each of the county’s high schools. Over 1000 students are enrolled in Advanced Placement courses and about 750 are enrolled in Career Technical courses. An additional 150 students take specialty courses offered as part of the regular curriculum. Career Center students are primarily juniors and seniors, although a select number of courses, AP World History, AP Chemistry, Japanese and Chinese I and II, are open to underclassmen.

Why Do Students Choose the Career Center?

We asked students this past year why they chose Career Center, why they chose to be part of two high school communities, why they chose to ‘leave their home school’ and travel to our school on Miller Street. Why do over 1800 students do this every day? Their reasons boiled down to three basic categories :

Career Center is the best place to prepare for their college or career path . Career Center’s quality of instruction, diversity of classes, and breadth of courses offered is unmatched. Career Center students have great benefits including the opportunity to meet like-minded students from other schools across the county. They often have a break in the daily routine with a travel period.

Career Center Special Opportunities

Career Center students enjoy a number of special opportunities as part of their experiences.

  • Internships/Apprenticeships
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Service Learning Opportunities
  • Articulation Agreements with Area Institutions
  • Earning College Credit
  • Special Interest Clubs/Organizations
  • Extension Activities

Directions to Career Center

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