Carter High School

Carter High School

Carter High SchoolCarter High School
851 Highland Court
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone: (336) 703-4119
Fax: (336) 631-1885
Website: Carter High School
Hours: 8:55 am – 3:40 pm
Principal: Donna Horton

Carter High School is a non-traditional high school specializing in transition services for students. Carter High School offers a unique high school program with emphasis on preparing students for life after high school. It is from this emphasis that Carter High School adopted their student motto, “Learning Today for a Better Tomorrow” and their staff theme, “Moving Up, Moving On, and Moving Out”

Carter High School Vision and Mission Statements

Carter High School Vision: Students, parents, teachers, staff and the community are valued as unified partners in providing opportunities for vocational training and transitional planning. As partners, we develop tomorrow’s citizens, parents, and leaders.

Carter High School Mission: Carter High School will provide educational opportunities to ensure that students will develop knowledge, skills, and abilities that enable them to lead productive and satisfying lives.

Directions to Carter High School

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