Clemmons Elementary School

Clemmons Elementary School

clemmons elementary schoolClemmons Elementary School
6200 Bingham Avenue
Clemmons, NC 27012
Phone: 336-712-4444
Fax: 336-712-4420
Website: Clemmons Elementary School
School Hours: 7:55-2:25
Principal: Thomas T. Keener
Assistant Principal: Shelia Washington
Curriculum Coordinator: Deborah Uren

Clemmons Elementary School: Message From the Principal

Hi! I am Tom Keener, principal at Clemmons Elementary School.  I am so excited to be here as the new principal.  I bring over twenty years of administrative experience, which includes years of experience at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  I have also served a wide range of school populations.  From that, I know that all children can learn, and all children have a desire to learn, even when they think they do not.

For over 33 years, I have been married to my wife, who is a professor and former college administrator.  We are blessed with two really terrific daughters, each of whom have brought their husbands into our growing family.  In our family, our greatest delight for my wife and me is our granddaughter, hopefully a future Clemmons Elementary student.

Being a parent, grandparent, educational administrator, teacher, and member of our community, I am committed to seeing that the students at Clemmons Elementary School (CES) achieve their best.  CES has a reputation for excellence.  Student proficiency scores have consistently been at the top of the district and among the top ten percent in the state.  Still, each child brings potential and challenge.  We can not rest upon the past to build the future.  Instead, we must continue to move forward, ever learning, growing, and progressing in our knowledge of methodology and curriculum to help students be able to compete in a demanding global environment.

To accomplish this means communication and commitment among home, school, and community to support our students by creating a school that offers ways to meet different learning styles, different learning paces, and the challenges of a growing body of knowledge.  We are fortunate to have tremendous parental support.  Their support has resulted in many classrooms being equipped with top notch equipment.

My hope is that if you are reading this, you are doing so because you are willing to share in meeting this challenge for our students.  I welcome your assistance!

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2 Responses to Clemmons Elementary School

  1. Nora Sherman says:

    Do you have occupational therapy needs in your building? I am a pediatric occupational therapist with 14 years experience with working in school communities. I am fairly new to the area as well, and live in Clemmons, actually across the road from West Forsyth.

    I would love to have the opportunity to work with school aged children again.


    Nora Sherman, MS, OTR/L

  2. Sandy Thomerson says:

    I am emailing in regards to the email to parents about not parking and walking to get my kindergartner. I have been parking in the bus lot all year and now am told I no longer can. It is impossible for me to get my Middle schooler 2pm-2:15, get in line at Clemmons Elem and get back to work by 2:40pm! No matter what, it can’t be done. If I didn’t have a middle schooler, I could get in line at 1:30 like the “front of the line parents” but I don’t have that option. I cannot lose my job either so in order to get Gavin quickly ( 5 minutes is all it takes walking-can’t do that in the car rider line) and get to work, I have to walk up! I have no other option. I will no longer park in the bus lot, but I MUST walk up to get my son. All teachers know I am his mother so there is no confusion. Thank you.

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