Flat Rock Middle School

Flat Rock Middle School

Flat Rock Middle SchoolFlat Rock Middle School
4648 Ebert Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27127
Phone: (336) 703-6762
Fax: (336) 784-4790
Website: Flat Rock Middle School
Hours: 7:15 am – 2:00 pm
Principal: Laura Hodges
Assistant Principal: Kenyatta Bennett
Assistant Principal: Carolyn Brown

Flat Rock Middle School Vision

Flat Rock Middle School will prepare students to become responsible, successful, 21st century citizens, who actively exchange information and ideas on a global level.

Flat Rock Middle School Mission Statement

The 21st century mission of Flat Rock Middle School is to create a collaborative learning community which ensures that all students meet high performance standards and empowers them to discover their potential while gaining a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Flat Rock Middle School will achieve these goals through:

  • flat rock middle school logoAcademic Excellence: Taking responsibility for ensuring that all students achieve high performance standards.  All students at Flat Rock Middle School will be given maximum opportunities to master essential skills and meet high academic standards in all subject strands.
  • Community Appreciation & Responsibility: Making service and community involvement a priority.  Flat Rock Middle School will make service to community and the establishment of strong home, school , and community partnerships a primary goal.
  • Creativity & Design: Ensuring that lessons are designed to spark individual and collective creativity, curiosity, and promote high student engagement and interest.  Flat Rock Middle School will develop and nurture student creativity and design through project and inquiry based instructional practices. Discovery and exploration will be a priority focus.
  • Social Development: Promoting a culture of collaborative processes and team work.  Teamwork and working together are common goal.
  • Moral and Ethical World View: Developing programs that foster physical, emotional, social, moral and environmental consciousness.  Flat Rock Middle School will make it a priority to develop caring and contributing members of its school community.
  • Technology Integration: Integrating twenty first century technology.  Flat Rock Middle School will promote the utilization of 21st. century technology practices in its communications, instructional delivery methods and system operations in order to equip all students for 21st. century work.

Directions to Flat Rock Middle School

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4 Responses to Flat Rock Middle School

  1. Claudia Duncan says:

    I met my granddaughter’s favorite teacher yesterday while in town from SC. Her name was Ruth Roberts? I would like to email her about the list she gave me – I misplaced it in the busy afternoon I had with 4 of my grands and would love her to email it to me. Please give her my email address. Thank you! Claudia Duncan (grammy to Brooke Diaz)

  2. Marie Cook says:

    I met a female counselor from Flat Rock and was discussing the curriculum.
    I did not write down her name, but used to work with her at Forsyth Tech.

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