Forest Park Elementary School

Forest Park Elementary School

Forest Park Elementary School
forest park elementary school mascot2019 Milford Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27107
Phone: (336) 771-4530
Fax: (336) 771-4726
Website: Forest Park Elementary School
Hours: 8:05 am – 3:05 pm
Principal: Sandra Gilmer

Forest Park Elementary School Belief Statement

The Forest Park community of learners values respect, honesty, diversity, creativity, and flexibility.  We yearn for a positive school environment that fosters a sense of family and embraces the individuality of others.  We strive to build trust between all Forest Park Elementary School  students and staff.

Forest Park Elementary School Mission Statement

Our mission at Forest Park Elementary School is to ensure that we all reach our personal and academic goals through respect, continuous improvement, creativity, and connections.

Forest Park Elementary School Vision Statement – CATS

  • Caring
  • Achieving
  • Trustworthy
  • Safe

Forest Park Elementary School Principal’s Statement

Welcome to Forest Park Elementary School, proud home of the Panthers!

At Forest Park Elementary School the staff is committed to maximizing the potential of all students through quality education and high expectations.

We continually strive for excellence by using standards-based curriculum, research-based instructional strategies, and learning successful practices that work for the students of Forest Park Elementary.

Our teachers are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our students and establishing the skills they will need to become productive citizens, as well as life-long learners.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our continuous improvement in programs and services. We are proud to be a Sustainable Technology Classroom School, providing classroom instruction using Promethean Boards, document cameras, sound systems, and mobile laptop labs.  We believe in a single school culture, with shared beliefs and collaborative work.

We build student character, leadership, and responsibility through efficacy and the principles of applied control theory.  We believe that in a safe, caring, achieving school, everyone can be successful.

I am very proud of our staff and students, and look forward to having you become an active partner in our learning community!

I believe that working together as a school and community, we can make tremendous strides in the educational development of our students.

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