Gibson Elementary School

Gibson Elementary School

gibson elementary school2020 Walker Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Phone: (336) 922-6612
Fax: (336) 922-7335
Website: Gibson Elementary School
Hours: 8:20 am – 2:50 pm
Principal: Ron Davis
Assistant Principal: Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal: Cindy Snipes

Gibson Elementary School Mission Statement:

The staff of Julian Gibson Elementary School invites the school community to join them in their joint mission of empowering every child to lift him or herself to their highest potential of excellence and to achieve his or her dreams.

We are committed to fulfilling this mission by providing a respectful, inclusive environment that builds good citizenship and respect.

We encourage each child to strive for his or her academic best through critical thinking and emphasis on curriculum and modeling by practicing good, open communication and diverse modes throughout the school community.

Our students will rise to meet their future promise supported by school staff, parents, caregivers and the community at large.

Gibson Elementary School Positive Behavior Intervention & Support

Our core values at Julian Gibson Elementary School are:

  • Politeness
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Excellence

The Gibson Elementary School Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) team has worked hard during the 2008-2009 school year and over the summer to implement Gibson Elementary School PRIDE.  This is a school wide discipline and incentive plan.

Positive Behavior Support, part of the North Carolina State Improvement Project, is an effective and proactive process for improving social competence and academic achievement for all students.

A vital part of Gibson Elementary School PRIDE is an incentive plan where individual students and classes are recognized for demonstrating exemplary behavior.

Individuals will receive green Den Dollars for demonstrating Gibson PRIDE core values.  These Den Dollars may be accumulated and spent by students at the Grizzly Den store.

In specials, classes have the opportunity to be recognized for demonstrating Gibson Elementary School PRIDE with a “Special PRIDE Party”.

How Gibson Elementary School PRIDE Works:

  • Gibson Elementary School PRIDE will provide staff with uniform, consistent guidelines for discipline
  • Staff will follow the Gibson Elementary School flow chart for discipline and the behavior level handouts to respond to problem behaviors
  • Staff will look for students who exhibit the PRIDE core values
  • Staff may give green Den Dollars to individual students who demonstrate Gibson PRIDE
  • Substitutes will be given Sub Dollars to give to individual students demonstrating Gibson PRIDE

A little about Ron Davis:

I have been working in Winston-Salem Forsyth County schools for the last twenty-eight years. I have taught at Moore, Forest Park, Kimberley Park and I was even a fourth grade teacher at Gibson when it first opened for about one month before I became an administrator.

I was an assistant principal at Ward Elementary for three years and principal of South Fork Elementary for three years.I have been married for twenty-four years and I have two children, both adults.

As principal of Gibson, I believe in the power of our theme of writing and publishing to improve a child’s ability to achieve in all academic areas. Writing in all areas will be encouraged and promoted.

Young Author’s conferences, meeting actual authors and field trips to places that promote writing will be experiences your child will talk about for years to come.

“Every teacher is a leader and every leader is a teacher and every child is a success.” is a value that we at Gibson will demonstrate and model.

Every teacher seeks to be a leader by helping to create experiences and opportunities that will allow children to grow and achieve to their fullest potential.

Every leader is committed to being a teacher and life-long learner. We see every child as a success and continue promote high achievement in all areas.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the main office to set up an appointment if you ever want to talk.

Directions to Gibson Elementary School

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  1. chrisrtina janel richard says:

    i been to julian gibson scool i miss it i wish it was a middle shcool,i miss mrs.reger

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