Griffith Academy

Griffith Academy in Winston Salem NCGriffith Academy
1401 W. Clemmonsville Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27127
Phone: (336) 771-4580
Fax: (336) 771-4706
Website: Griffith Academy in Winston Salem
Hours: 8:55 am – 3:40 pm
Principal: William Wynn

Griffith Academy: Overview

Griffith Academy in Winston Salem, NC is where students are assigned when they violate the Winston Salem / Forsyth County student code of conduct.  Students are assigned to Griffith Academy by the Assistant Superintendents as a result of their violation(s) of school policy. At the end of each quarter, students attending Griffith Academy may be considered for recommendation to a referring school based on successful completion of goals, including attendance, academics, and behavior.

Griffith Academy: Mission Statement

At Griffith Academy we acknowledge that not everyone is at the same place in their educational journey, even though the goal for every person is the same – “Success.” As a result, Griffith Academy highly value the individual student. Griffith Academy honors the “journey” not just the destination. What’s most important is how we finish, not where or how we start. The Staff at Griffith Academy is committed to partnering with parents, community leaders and students to meet the needs of our community. Along the way, questions will be valued, experiences will be shared, and successes will be celebrated!

Griffith Academy: Vision

At Griffith Academy, we seek to provide opportunities for our students to  experience academic success while providing guidance on making better choices behaviorally in an environment that is nurturing and conducive to learning in the 21st century. As such, administrators, teachers, and staff are committed to providing high quality instruction aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

We provide outside referrals and support in helping students to identify causes which may impede their ability to behave appropriately in an educational setting. We seek to foster a sense of pride in students which will radiate throughout the school, the referring school, the community, and the world.

Our mascot, the Greyhound, displays certain characteristics, such as being fast, having an even temperament, being quiet, gentle, and extremely intelligent. Like our mascot we desire for our student to:

  • move quietly and swiftly from class to class
  • swiftly complete assignments and goals and return to a referring school
  • conduct himself/herself appropriately
  • display even temperament

Griffith Academy: Message From The Principal

griffith academy principal william h wynnAs principal of Griffith Academy, I welcome you to our school family. Our faculty and staff have been working diligently to make Griffith Academy a better environment for you to grow and achieve academically, behaviorally, and culturally.

Academically, we continue to devote ourselves to the task of teaching and learning with our ultimate goal being student success. Our focus has led to increased proficiency on End of Course (EOC) tests last school year and we anticipate additional gain on EOC and End of Grade (EOG) tests this school year.

Behaviorally, we have partnered with Youth Opportunities, Inc. to provide behavioral interventions and to create environments where students can achieve.

Culturally, we have changed the perception among our teachers and our students who now have adopted a yes, we can attitude towards increasing academics and behaviors, working with students, parents, and the community at large.

We are focusing on the Power of One in terms of being one school, with one vision, one mission, and one faculty. Renovations occurred this summer to make our environment more nurturing and conducive to learning, including renovating classrooms and the addition of a new computer lab.

Much like our mascot, the Greyhound, we expect our students to act responsibly and swiftly towards successfully completing their term at Griffith Academy. Like the Greyhound, we expect our students to be kind, move quietly at the appropriate time, and exhibit the intelligence that they each possess here at Griffith Academy, their referring school, and their respective community.

A lot of time, effort, and thought have been given to ensure that 2010-2011 school year will be a successful year for Griffith Academy. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about Griffith Academy, please feel free to contact me, William Wynn, III, principal, at 336-771-4580 or at

I again welcome you to Griffith Academys family!

Directions to Griffith Academy

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  1. luz nieto says:

    its the most awsome school that i went to throught my life so far people there awsome and right now im going there ima miss this school when ever i leave but i promise to come back when ever!

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