Jefferson Middle School

Jefferson Middle School

jefferson middle school logoJefferson Middle School
3500 Sally Kirk Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Phone: (336) 774-4630
Fax: (336) 774-4635
Website: Jefferson Middle School
Hours: 7:25 am – 2:00 pm
Principal: Jerry Messick
Assistant Principal: Stephen Kottenbrock

Jefferson Middle School Theme

Thomas Jefferson Middle School models itself on President Jefferson’s vision of an “academic village”, an intimate setting where everyone actively participates in the pursuit of knowledge. Our school embraces a theme which demonstrates the interconnectedness of the humanities, academics and technology.


  • After-school tutoring provided Tuesday-Thursdays with limited transportation supplied.
  • Seminar discussions used to stimulate higher-order thinking skills
  • Broad range of classic and modern literature selections taught across the curriculum
  • Varied teaching strategies designed to engage students
  • Designated a national ” School to Watch “
  • Distinguished as an Honor School of Excellence


  • Visual arts and music incorporated into academic classes
  • Drama program that immerses students into all aspects of theatre production
  • Thematic units that emphasize the humanities in all core classes


  • On-site technology specialist providing dependable assistance for maintaining and using digital resources
  • Interactive web site offering reliable communication between home and school.
  • Global technology skills incorporated in:
  • Collaborative work on authentic real world projects
  • Electronic literacies and communication skills
  • Student centered performance focused learning

Jefferson Middle School – Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Jefferson Middle School? What is your average class size ?

We have approximately 1200 students at Jefferson Middle School. Our core classes average 27 students per class.

How are your Academically Gifted students served?

Students who have been tested and are certified Academically Gifted are grouped separately for Language Arts. Since math is self-selective, any student who needs the acceleration and enrichment of the advanced math curriculum may choose to take Advanced Math courses.

Do you have Exceptional Children’s programs?

Yes, we have cross-categorical Exceptional Children’s classes. An EC student may be served in a resource or inclusion setting depending on his or her IEP. Students in resource settings may be mainstreamed into some core classes.

What are Jefferson Middle School’s strengths?

We are proud of our tradition of academic excellence, outstanding arts programs, highly successful athletic teams, communication with parents and infusion of technology throughout the curriculum.

How do I enroll my child at Jefferson Middle School?

Your permanent address determines your residential school. Any student living in our residential area may choose to attend Jefferson Middle School. If you are in our zone, but residential to another school, you may select Jefferson Middle School on the Choice card available to you in the spring of each year. Enrollment of students from outside the residential area is based on space available as determined by the school system’s Pupil Assignment Office.

Directions to Jefferson Middle School

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