Kimberley Park Elementary School

Kimberley Park Elementary School

kimberley park elementary schoolKimberley Park Elementary School
1701 N. Cherry Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27105
Phone: (336) 703-6731
Fax: (336) 727-8245
Website: Kimberley Park Elementary School
Hours: 7:55 am – 2:25 pm
Principal: Amber Baker

Kimberley Park Elementary School History

kimberley park elementary school staffKimberley Park Elementary School has a rich history within its community. Two of its foundational leaders have been honored by having local schools named after them, John W. Paisley Middle School and the former Albert H. Anderson High School.

Kimberley Park Elementary School was constructed and officially opened in 1925. After the school faced adversity by being burned down, it was reconstructed in the 1960′s into the structure we see today.

Kimberley Park Elementary School Mission Statement

Kimberley Park Elementary School aspires to develop the whole child as an independent thinker who demonstrates responsibility for his/her learning. To fulfill our mission, we will:

  • Promote communication and understanding between home and school.
  • Provide a nurturing atmosphere where each child is given the hope for success.
  • Provide a climate that enhances multicultural understanding and fosters culturally sensitive behavior.
  • Challenge each student to utilize his/her own unique talents to achieve and succeed.
  • Encourage students to become problem solvers, set individual priorities and make appropriate choices to become responsible citizens.

Kimberley Park Elementary School Vision Statement

Kimberley Park Elementary School embraces all children and strives to ignite a passion throughout our community for life long learning.

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