Konnoak Elementary School

Konnoak Elementary School

konnoak elementary school mascotKonnoak Elementary School
3200 Renon Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27127
Phone: (336) 771-4567
Fax: (336) 771-4565
Website: Konnoak Elementary School
Hours: 8:45 am – 3:15 pm
Principal: Shelia Burnette

Konnoak Elementary School Overview

Konnoak Elementary School will provide a quality education in an environment that nurtures each child’s academic potential. Konnoak Elementary School’s curriculum will focus on international themes and plans to offer instruction in Mandarin Chinese in coming years.

Students at Konnoak Elementary School will make use of technology to make connections across the world, like participating in video conferences and exchanging emails with students from other countries. Konnoak Elementary School will offer the latest technology, including SMARTBoard interactive whiteboards.

Teachers in kindergarten through fifth-grade at Konnoak Elementary School will plan their lessons so that students can experience firsthand what they are learning about and participate in hands-on projects.

Konnoak Elementary School Vision Statement

Students will learn and succeed in a safe, engaging, and caring climate of high expectations and supportive relationships.

Konnoak Elementary School Mission Statement

Konnoak Elementary School will provide a quality education in a nurturing environment that will develop each child’s potential and promote lifelong learning.

Konnoak Elementary School Pledge

We must give our best to be the best, even when no one is watching!  We will have self control and reach our goal, by showing Conduct, Achievement, Responsibility and Effort.

Konnoak Elementary School Positive Behavior Intervention Support

We C.A.R.E.

  • Conduct
  • Achievement
  • Responsibility
  • Effort

The Konnoak Elementary School Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) team worked hard during the 2008-2009 school year, over the summer, and during this school year to implement Konnoak CARE.  This is a school wide discipline and incentive plan.

Positive Behavior Intervention Support, part of the North Carolina State Improvement Project, is an effective and proactive process for improving social competence and academic achievement for all students.

A vital part of Konnoak Elementary School CARE is an incentive plan where individual students and classes are recognized for demonstrating exemplary behavior.

Individuals will receive Cardinal Cash for demonstrating Konnoak Elementary School CARE core values.  This Cardinal Cash may be accumulated and spent by students at the Konnoak Cardinal Store.

In specials, classes have the opportunity to be recognized for demonstrating Konnoak Elementary School CARE with a classroom award certificate and special Cardinal Cash. Konnoak Elementary School CARE will provide staff with uniform, consistent guidelines for discipline

  • Staff will follow the Konnoak flow chart for discipline and the behavior level handouts to respond to problem behaviors
  • Staff will look for students who exhibit the Konnoak Elementary School CARE core values
  • Staff may give Konnoak Cardinal Cash to individual students who demonstrate Konnoak Elementary School CARE
  • Substitutes will be given Sub Dollars to give to individual students demonstrating Konnoak Elementary School CARE
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  1. Todd Barr says:

    Ms. McCoy wanted to say a well deserved award, way to go! I hope you are doing well?

    Todd Barr

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