Meadowlark Middle School

Meadowlark Middle School

Meadowlark Middle SchoolMeadowlark Middle School
301 Meadowlark Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Phone: (336) 922-1730
Fax: (336) 922-1745
Website: Meadowlark Middle School
Hours: 7:25 am – 2:00 pm
Principal: Charles McAninch
Assistant Principal: Carey Smith
Assistant Principal: Gabe Gabriel

Meadowlark Middle School Mission

Meadowlark Middle School’s mission is to build connections with students, staff and community in pursuit of excellence for all in academics and society.

Meadowlark Middle School History

Founded in 1999, we are one of 16 middle schools in the Winston Salem Forsyth County School system. Located in the Southwest Middle School Zone, the Meadowlark Middle School student body consists of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students with a total population of about 950 students.

Historically, the academic performance of Meadowlark Middle School places them as one of the top middle schools in the system. Meadowlark Middle School focuses on building connections with the students, staff and community in pursuit of excellence in academics and society.

Meadowlark Middle School Principal’s Note

As students move through the formative years of middle school it is our intent to teach our students about appropriate decision making. In working with our students, we empower them to make sound judgments both behaviorally and academically.

Meadowlark Middle School will focus on social, emotional and educational topics that will prepare them for success in their future. With this, comes responsibility and accountability. We ask for your support in helping us prepare your child for their successful tenure at Meadowlark Middle School.

The best thing about coming to work is having the opportunity to work with your child. As principal of Meadowlark Middle School, it is my belief that our staff will make a connection with our students in order to build success both academically and socially.

The majority of my career has been as a middle school educator. I began my career in Forsyth County teaching at Northwest Middle. Wanting to have a greater effect on students, I became an administrator in Stokes County as an assistant principal and eventually principal of West Stokes High School. I have since returned “home” to work with middle school which is where my heart is.

I encourage our staff to develop strong relationships with our students to build success in our teens. It is very important to me that students, parents and staff alike have a common interest, and that is seeing our students achieve to the best of their ability.

Please come and visit Meadowlark Middle, we welcome you.

Directions to Meadowlark Middle School

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6 Responses to Meadowlark Middle School

  1. cynthia tate says:

    what is the url of meadowlark middle school so that we can look up teacher pages???

  2. Bill Cosby says:

    Hello there. Nice school you got. Thinking of letting my boy join it.

  3. linda hines says:

    Moving into the area. Are there any nice apartments in the area that feed into Meadowlark Middle?

  4. arieal accot says:

    meadowlark middle is the school my daughter will be attending what are all the extra activities 6th graders can take she is dying to know

    • Mom Of Four says:

      Lots of activities: Intramural sports and then can compete interscholastically in 7th grade. Cheerleading. Arts Club. Science Club. Christian student club. Honors clubs. Crosby scholars. Community clubs. Girls on the Run. Also, they are the first school in county to have after school care on-site! Can’t name them all. Check the school website for list. My kids are in private school right now and MMS has more to do after school! We’re considering MMS for next year. 6th Grade and 7th Grade. Also, they get out around 2pm so there is still plenty of time for homework after school :)

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