Mount Tabor High School

Mount Tabor High School

mount tabor high schoolMount Tabor High School
342 Petree Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Phone: (336) 703-6700
Fax: (336) 774-4606
Website: Mount Tabor High School
Hours: 8:55 am – 3:40 pm
Principal: Ed Weiss
Assistant Principal: Brad Royal
Assistant Principal: Suzanne Hanna
Assistant Principal: Stephawn Kee
Assistant Principal: Brooke Preslar

Mount Tabor High School History

Mount Tabor High School was dedicated in 1965 and opened in the fall of 1966 to serve grades 9-12. During the reorganization of all schools in 1971, Mt. Tabor was designated a high school for students in grades 9-10. In 1984, Mt. Tabor High returned to 9-12 status. Each organizational change brought on a different focus in curriculum, material/supplies, athletics, and the needs of students.

Today, Mt. Tabor is home to over 1,800 students of diverse backgrounds, continuing to excel academically, artistically, and athletically.

Mount Tabor High School Academic Departments

At Mount Tabor High School, there are several academic departments with a large variety of classes to choose from. To see information about each specific department, click on the department name on the left. Each page also has a list of teachers within the department, the subjects they teach, and an email address where they can be reached.

Mount Tabor High School Arts Department

The Arts Department at Mount Tabor combines Music, Art, Band, Dance, Orchestra and Theatre Arts. These programs all are consistent award winners as exemplified by Superior ratings in competition for Band, Orchestra, Music and Theatre Arts as well as several Gold Key awards in Art. These programs enhance a student’s creativity and boost self confidence, while giving them a chance to work in a positive shared environment.

Mount Tabor High School Career and Technical Education Department

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department is composed of 3 smaller units: Business and Marketing, Family and Consumer Sciences and Technology. We offer a vast assortment of electives to fit the needs and interests of all students.

  1. Business and Marketing: Computer Applications 1 & 2, Accounting 1 & 2(HN), Digital Communication Systems, Business Law, Business Advanced Studies (student run Allegacy Credit Union), Marketing, (HN)Strategic Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Marketing 1 & 2, Fashion Merchandising, and Marketing Co-op.
  2. FACS: Foods 1, Apparel and Development 1 & 2, Interior Design 1 & 2, LIFE, Parenting and Child Development, Teen Living, and Advanced Studies.
  3. Technology: Fundamentals of Technology, Drafting 1 & 2, Communication Systems, Structural Systems

Mount Tabor High School English Department

The English Department at Mount Tabor consists fourteen teachers who are all passionate about English. By working collaboratively within the department, each teacher maintains a high standard for his or her classes that the students will carry with them from year to year. The goal of the English department is to prepare students with the skills and knowledge they will need to be successful in this 21st century.

Mount Tabor High School Exceptional Children Department

The Exceptional Children’s department at Mount Tabor is a unique program who serves identified students throughout the school year. Our teachers work collaboratively with each student’s teachers.

Mount Tabor High School Foreign Language Department

The Foreign Language Department offers many options for language studies including; Spanish, French, German and Latin

Mount Tabor High School Health and Physical Education Department

Life Skills:

Life Management Skills is a semester long course typically taken by incoming freshman and is a requirement for graduation. Life Skills was developed to teach students about the importance of good character, role models, goal setting, responsible and healthy relationships, personal health, citizenship, financial management, and the tools and skills needed for success in high school and the years to follow.

Physical Education:

The Physical Education Staff is looking forward to this school year and in helping your children become physically educated. We are very proud of our Physical Education program at Tabor and the part it plays in the total high school educational experience. The aim of the Physical Education program is to develop the total fitness of young men and young women. This year, a major emphasis will be on the development of skills in the many individual and dual sports and on activities that can become valuable recreational assets that help promote total fitness in adult life. We also believe that it is the behavior of students, which takes place after school (and at home) which has the greatest influence on a students’ health and fitness. Therefore, we ask that the parents help us achieve our goals by offering healthy meals, promoting physical activity and modeling a healthy lifestyle. Together we can help your child become a healthy and active teen and adult.

Mount Tabor High School JROTC Department

The Mt Tabor Spartan Jrotc Battalion has a mission to help student become better citizens. We teach History, the Constitution, First Aid, Health and Fitness, Map Reading, and Drill and Ceremony. All JROTC activities are voluntary meaning that a cadet can make an “A” in class and not participate in any of the activities. JROTC actively participates with the following teams: Drill Team, Color Guard, Rifle Team, Raider Team, Academic Team, and Leadership Team (Last year this team won an expense paid trip to Washington DC) Every year JROTC participates in numerous service learning activites, JROTC supports all varsity home football games with VIP Parking and a Color Guard, JROTC supports varsity home basketball games with a color guard and we support the PTSA when requested with a Cadet Color Guard.

Mount Tabor High School Math Department

The Mt. Tabor Math Department boasts 13 dedicated professionals who love working with the students at Mt. Tabor. The department has several Nationally Board Certified teachers and has over 100 years of service teaching all levels of High School Mathematics.

Mount Tabor High School Science Department

The Science Department at Mount Tabor consists of a team of dedicated, highly qualified professionals with a combination of thirty plus years in teaching. We meet monthly, and collaborate daily to meet the learning needs of the Mount Tabor community. The following courses are offered: Earth and Environmental Science, Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Global Science Issues, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Physics. The state of North Carolina requires students to attain four credit hours in science upon graduation.

Mount Tabor High School Social Studies Department

The Social Studies department at Mount Tabor is comprised of thirteen talented teachers who teach many aspects of history. Mount Tabor offers both courses required to meet graduation requirements in North Carolina as well as elective courses.

Directions to Mount Tabor High School


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6 Responses to Mount Tabor High School

  1. DOTDOTDOT says:

    As a student who attended this school for a full 4 years, you can tell I have my own opinions about it. First of all, I’ve moved around lots growing up, and this is by far the cliquey-est school I’ve ever F$%$#!@ been to.

    I absolutely HATED going here everyday, if your kid hasn’t had his friends since kindergarten then give up on him fitting in; his chances with it are slim to none. The groups are typical and simple. There are the Preppy White kids, the Blacks and Everyone who looks black, the Mexicans, and the Weird kids. Yes, there are Asians but not that many and they tend to turn out preppy. So, there is little variation and mixing, but not much, especially between the cool kids and the lames. You’d expect the athletes to know each other.

    ALL the preppy kids know each other, and blacks are loud and have no culture outside of 102 JAMZ. The mexicans are in a group of their own, obviously, because they loom in a way that you know they are there, but you almost NEVER see them. Weird kids can include tons of smaller groups, I don’t need to be specific.

    Extra-curriculars and @#$!@ to do after school is lame. There’s sports events, plays, and lame as heck clubs that are too general to be of anyone’s actual interest. On Friday’s there are football games everyone goes to. That’s it. They give us pep rallies to try to include everyone who doesn’t go to games, but as my High School career went on, they grew INCREDIBLY stale and boring.

    If your kid doesn’t settle into some group in the first year, expect him to be lonely. I don’t feel at all apart of the Mount Tabor Community because everyone’s already so close that I feel no one ever fully accepted me as a friend. There are really some remarkable people here, but they ruin themselves with the group.

    As for the teachers and staff, they’re okay, you get iffy teachers and you get extremely cool teachers everyone likes. Administrators are likable, and you’ll find they try to interact with students instead of pounding out rules. But if you do get written up, you will do time. The Women in the Main Office are all witches. If I felt it, I could argue that one of them cost me a Driver’s License. Guidance and Attendance are okay. But we all know the Staff in front of the school gossip about everyone they know, student and teacher.

    The Media Center is small as &%@!, if you can handle your own prints, get it done at home. The comps are slow and in the morning everybody crowds it because they have nothing else better to do. A page for one print is .10. Apparently, the librarians are irresponsible with fees also.

    The cafeteria is a danger zone. There are brawls periodically between the black kids, and you’ll the tables are extremely group-oriented, just like the cliques I already talked about.

    This is an okay school, it’s just lame after you get used to going through the motions and get used to how everyone is. GRADUATING CLASS OF 2011 REPRESENT.

    • Keith Williams says:

      You choose not to fit in thats your problem. Everybody liked it. And if you ask me you are being a little racist. Yes black hung out with blacks, whites hung out with whites, and hispanics hung out with hispanics; but every highschool is like that. I no this because I been to 4 of them in 4 years. So you should stop complaining and atleast be happy that you are class of 2011 because everybody else is

    • Kathy Bodenhamer Bryan says:

      My two sons attended Mt. Tabor High School. they each had two very different experiences. My oldest attended 1996-2000, my youngest attended 2003-2005, his class graduated in 2007. Much to our displeasure and heartbreak he dropped out in 2005. We all ask ourselves how you can have such different children, they were raised completely alike and thus turn out so completely different? I deducted that this event did start younger in life than high school and happened because of friends. I will not say peer pressure because my youngest always had a mind of his own and his choice to dropout was entirely his decision ( he later got his GED). I have thought about this for years and it still breaks my heart, wondering where we all went wrong. I think part of it had to do with the administration at the time they attended MTHS. When my oldest was there the principal was not the best, but Ed Weiss was an assistant principal at the time and was wonderful, when my youngest was there the same principal was there without a strong assistant principal. I think that made a difference. My oldest was involved in clubs and baseball, my youngest was not. Their choice of friends was of their own making, you can not blame a school for this. I think that your school experience is based upon the individual, not he school. I have two very different children with two very different experiences. That is why things happened the way they did. One child looked at their high school experience one way, while the other choose a different way. Do I think this could have happened differently-sure, but what is, is. Do I blame Mt.Tabor-definately not! The blame here lies within the family and the child. The school can do the best it can, but can not do its best without help . I guess what I am trying to say is, all in all Mt. Tabor was a wonderful experience, to both children in completely different ways. I am glad that both of my sons went there, one choose to fit in-one didn’t make that choice. It was my children’s choice, not the schools. I am a former teacher and a product of the original redistricting in the 1970′s, so I do know a little about about changing schools and deciding to make them the best experience I could have and learning to fit in anywhere and with anyone. Comments welcome. KBB

  2. Don Johnson says:

    Yesterday, Sept. 10, 2011, I attended a round robin girls volleyball tournament held at Laney High School in Wilmington NC. The teams in this tournament were; Laney, Mt. Tabor and Pinecrest high schools. The tournament was extremely enjoyable for all atendees; players, coaches and fans from all of the schools, except for one problem. Everone conducted themselves in a manner of good sportsmanship with the exception of Mt. Tabor’s head coach. Throughout her time on the court she treated her team with extreme distain, which I considered rude. Then, during the Pinecrest vs Mt. Tabor match, she got into a disagreement with the referees over a call made against her team. She refused to accept this call and made such insulting remarks towards the referees that they were forced to give her a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct. She then protested the yellow card call enough that had I been the referee I would have given her a red card and ejected her from the game. At the end of the match when the teams passed in review to give the traditional handshakes and good game salutations she confronted the head referee, on center court, in front of players, fans and volunteers, with further heated argument rather than a handshake. She was unable to be consoled by a level headed referee trying to act in good taste.
    My heart goes out to Mt. Tabor’s players and fans, I hope they succeed in spite of thier leadership.

    Don Johnson
    P.S. I am a fan and the father of a Laney High School volleyball player.

  3. Angela Potter says:

    My daughter tamera brady has cheered for the pfafftown packers for 5 years and we would like to know when cheerleading try outs are for rising 9th graders

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