Old Town Elementary School

Old Town Elementary School

Old Town Elementary School3930 Reynolda Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Phone: (336) 924-2915
Fax: (336) 924-5610
Website: Old Town Elementary School
Hours: 7:55 am – 2:25 pm
Principal: Angela Choplin

Old Town Elementary School Belief Statements:

  1. Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the teaching/learning process.
  2. Each child has value.
  3. Education is a life-long process.
  4. A spirit of collaboration and teamwork among the staff enhances the quality of instruction and student achievement.
  5. Every student can learn and be successful.
  6. Children learn best when their parents and families are involved.
  7. Children respond positively to high expectations for academics and positive behavior traits.

Old Town Elementary School Mission Statement:

Old Town Elementary School is to prepare all students to be life-long learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers in a global society.

Old Town Elementary School Vision Statement:

Students will meet and exceed growth expectations, have confidence in their ability to learn and be responsible and respectful citizens.

Old Town Elementary School Principal

Old Town’s principal is Ms. Angie B. Choplin Before coming to Old Town Global Academy she was the principal of Fall Creek Elementary in East Bend. Ms. Choplin began her career in 1992 as an exceptional children’s teacher in Surry County. She also taught in Yadkin County and at Jefferson Elementary in WS/FCS. Her administrative experience includes: the director of exceptional children in Stokes County and assistant principal of Yadkinville Elementary.

She earned a bachelor’s degree from Appalachian State University, a master’s degree in language and literacy from Salem College and an educational specialist degree in school administration from Appalachian State University.

Old Town Elementary School and Positive Behaviorial Interventions & Support

Positive Behaviorial Interventions & Support (PBIS) is a national initiative that is a proactive and positive approach to student behavior. PBIS emphasizes school-wide systems of support that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment. Attention is focused on making problem behavior less effective, efficient, and relevant, and desired behavior more functional.

The goal of PBIS at Old Town is to become safer, more enjoyable, and more productive. The design of our PBIS program is based upon data collected from school discipline records and from teacher survey results. Our program is designed to teach appropriate behaviors/expectations and rules as effectively as we teach academic skills.

Old Town Elementary School PBIS Core Values – S.O.A.R.

  • Self Respect
  • Offer Kindness
  • Act Responsibly
  • Respect Myself and others

Our core values are posted throughout the school and include expected behaviors for all of us within the school, students, teachers, parents and other visitors. Students will earn positive rewards by exhibiting expected behaviors. Those rewards should:

  • increase the likelihood that desired behaviors will be repeated
  • foster a positive school climate
  • reduce the need for time consuming disciplinary measures

Two major rewards are: (1) the individual reward, Eagle buck and (2) the class reward, Eagle merit. Eagle bucks can be used to purchase items in the Eagle store. Eagle merits will earn class rewards such as games, parties, etc.

Old Town Elementary and Accelerated Reader

What’s Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computerized program where students…. read a book and then take a computerized quiz and get immediate feedback. AR quizzes can only be taken at school.

Why Use Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader improves performance in all academic areas, motivates students, increases time spent reading, encourages reading of quality literature, helps boost test scores, builds critical-thinking skills and instills a lifelong love of reading. Students earn points when they do well on the quizzes.

Old Town Elementary School History

Old Town Global Academy began as a one-room school house in the Bethania community. Today it is a beautiful renovated and reconstructed version of the 1926 Old Town School. Completed in 1998, the building was constructed with funds generated from the very successful school bond campaign of 1995.

Old Town is equipped with an integrated communication system, is networked for computer use and will facilitate student learning well into the next century. The building was Rededicated Thursday, December 3, 1998.

Directions to Old Town Elementary School

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  1. Jason says:

    Both myself, and my brother went to this school back in the mid 80s and early 90s, and even back then it was one of the best elementary schools in the district. My son is now attending their pre-k program, and in three weeks has shown great improvement over his abilities before he started. I have lived in the same area that I currently live in my entire life (30 years) and couldn’t think of sending any of my children to a different elementary school. The school is very large, class size is small, and technology is state of the art. If you have any questions, feel free to reply and I’ll do my best to answer them.


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