Paisley Magnet School

Paisley Magnet School

Paisley Magnet SchoolPaisley Magnet School
1400 Grant Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27105
Phone: (336) 727-2775
Fax: (336) 727-8315
Website: Paisley Magnet School
Hours: 7:55 am – 2:40 pm
Principal: Dr. Gary Cone

Paisley Magnet School Mission

Paisley Magnet School’s mission is to provide a safe and orderly environment in which all students will experience success in academics, social, physical, and emotional development.

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate curriculum is a programme of international education designed to help students develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills necessary to participate actively and responsibly in a changing world.

Paisley Magnet School was given the “Magnet Schools of America Award” for being a Magnet School of Excellence. This is the top category of awards given by Magnet Schools of America and is based on a commitment to high academic standards, curriculum innovation, successful desegregation / diversity efforts, and the consistent delivery of quality services to all school stakeholders. Paisley Magnet School is one of five magnet schools in North Carolina and one of 50 in the United States to be named a School of Excellence.

Paisley Magnet School Goals and Objectives:

  • To provide an internationally recognized academic program for highly able and motivated students
  • To stimulate and strengthen students’ curiosity
  • To teach students to recognize relationships between school subjects and the outside world
  • To foster students’ ability to combine knowledge, experience and critical observation
  • To foster students’ growth toward self-reliance and responsible participation

Paisley Magnet School Information

Paisley Magnet School has a diverse student body and faculty with a common interest in learning about the world in which we live, embracing rigor and academic challenges. We are committed to the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP), focusing our curriculum on the five IB Areas of Interaction: Approaches to Learning; Community and Service; Human Ingenuity; Environment; Health and Social Education.

At Paisley Magnet School, all students in Years I through V (grades 6 – 10) must take a Language B (foreign language) course each year, as well as classes in the visual or performing arts. Paisley offers Language B classes in German, Spanish, and French. Our students take challenging math classes beginning in Year I, leading them to all Honors level classes in Years IV and V in their core subject areas. By the completion of Year III (grade 8), most of our students have completed Geometry or Integrated Math II.

Our students are required to earn Community and Service hours beginning in Year I, increasing incrementally through Year V. In Year V Paisley Magnet School students complete a Personal Project in order to qualify for the MYP Certificate. This Project is the culmination of research and documentation of an area of interest. More than just a research paper, the Personal Project requires presentation and marketing skills and must meet IB requirements. Year V students meet with their Project Advisor and must meet the IB standards and pass a faculty review committee.

Paisley Magnet School students also participate in a multitude of extracurricular activities, including Robotics, Chess Club, NAL, Science Olympiad, National Junior Honor Society, Debate, and Drama, to name a few. In the athletics area, our students are involved in basketball, track, soccer, and volleyball. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Paisley-Wiley United lacrosse program.

“International mindedness” is an IB goal for students. Part of that development includes domestic as well as international opportunities for travel. At Paisley Magnet School, our students participate in a Year I and Year II study trip to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. In Year III students visit Washington, DC. In Years IV and V our students travel to New York City, and in Years III – V students have the opportunity to travel abroad. Past trips have included Spain, Greece, England, Germany, and France, and in 2011 a trip is planned to Italy.

Paisley Magnet School: Frequently Asked Questions

What do Wake Forest University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Davidson College, and Duke University have in common?

In December of 2008, the Deans of Admission from these institutions came together at Wake Forest University to endorse the International Baccalaureate program of studies for students seeking admission to very competitive colleges and universities. Paisley International Baccalaureate Magnet School offers the only Middle Years Programme (MYP) in our school district and is one of a select few to serve grades 6 through 10 in the United States.

What makes IB different?

International Baccalaureate (IB) schools were established around the world in the 1950s to standardize curriculum and promote the strongest instructional practices in schools attended by the children of diplomats. Sixty years later, the International Baccalaureate Organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, continues to monitor all IB schools to ensure standards of integrity within the curriculum. No other middle school in Forsyth County offers this degree of external monitoring or validation.

At Paisley Magnet School, as well as in all IB schools, students participate in Socratic Seminars on a regular basis. These seminars are based on the teachings of Socrates who believed that it was more important to enable students to think for themselves than to merely supply “right” answers on examinations. Socratic Seminars promote both oratorical proficiency and higher-order thinking skills and are utilized in all core courses at Paisley.

Paisley Magnet School’s curriculum encompasses state and national standards such as the North Carolina Standard Course of Study but goes further by including the IB Areas of Interaction – Environments, Health and Social Education, Human Ingenuity, Approaches to Learning, and Community and Service. In keeping with the Community and Service component, as well as to promote civic responsibility in our young people, Paisley’s students participate in community service activities each year.

Does it matter what my child is “certified”?

Regardless of your child’s designation (Regular, AG, or HAG certification), Paisley Magnet School believes that all students have the ability to perform at a highly-gifted level. The IB mission at Paisley is to fully prepare each student with a rigorous program of study at the secondary level and on into grades 9 and 10 if your student chooses to stay for the entire Middle Years Programme.

Does “Rigor” Mean “More Homework”?

Actually, rigor has more to do with the type of homework our faculty members assign than how much. Paisley Magnet School students may have anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes of homework Monday through Thursday evenings. Depending on when projects are due and how individual students budget their time, homework on any given night may vary. At Paisley Magnet School, we welcome parental input concerning your child’s progress and this includes how successfully he or she manages schoolwork at home.

What are the Five Areas of Interaction?

The five areas of interaction are: approaches to learning, community and service, human ingenuity, environments, and health and social education. These provide the main focus for developing the connections between the disciplines, so that students will learn to see knowledge as an interrelated, coherent whole. More particularly, the five areas of interaction:

  • are embedded in the subjects and developed naturally through them
  • provide both an organization and an extension of learning within and across the subjects, through the exploration of real-life issues
  • inspire special activities and interdisciplinary projects
  • form part of the framework for student inquiry and take investigative learning further than subject boundaries
  • are a vehicle for refining conceptual understanding through different perspectives
  • guide reflection and lead from knowledge to thoughtful action.

Directions to Paisley Magnet School

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