Parkland High School

Parkland High School

Parkland High SchoolParkland Magnet High School
1600 Brewer Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27127
Phone: (336) 771-4700
Fax: (336) 771-4703
Website: Parkland High School
Hours: 8:55 am – 3:40 pm
Principal: Dr. Tim Lee

Parkland Magnet High School

Parkland Magnet High SchoolParkland Magnet High School is an authorized IB World School offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. From the IB aims and objectives, Parkland created its magnet school theme of Internationalism, and the Arts. All students enrolled at Parkland are exposed to the rigorous standards demanded of this internationally recognized program.

The IB program’s philosophy is infused throughout all subject areas using the magnet school objectives:

  • Teachers will present curriculum to students through experiential, inquiry-based, interdisciplinary lessons.
  • Students will be required to think and reason at high levels – ask and answer analytical questions.
  • Students will develop advanced research skills.
  • Students will develop mastery of written and verbal communication of ideas.
  • Faculty and staff will educate the social, physical, and cognitive well-being of each student to prepare them for involvement in community and extra-curricular activities.
  • Students will recognize the roles and responsibilities of being a member of the International Community.
  • Students and teachers will integrate cutting edge technology into their work products.

The magnet program is open to students from throughout Forsyth County. Transportation is provided by Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools to any student who fills out a Magnet School Application.

Parkland Magnet High School’s program continues the IB offerings at Ashley Elementary and Paisley Magnet School’s International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. Students also can choose to enroll in Parkland’s pre-International Baccalaureate program for ninth and 10th-graders. To be prepared for the IB Diploma Program, which begins in grade 11, students must have completed the following courses by their sophomore year:

  • Geometry; Algebra II and/or Pre-Calculus
  • Biology; Chemistry or Physics; Environmental Science
  • Honors or Seminar World History and Civics and Economics
  • Honors or Seminar English II
  • French, German or Spanish at Level II
  • Arts courses are recommended for those taking IB Art courses

Honors or seminar courses in the subjects listed above are the best courses to prepare students for success in the IB Diploma Program.

The Arts at Parkland Magnet High School

Parkland Magnet High School offers the following Arts courses.

9th Grade Arts Elective (previously Humanities Wheel) creates the opportunity to expose all incoming students to the IB philosophy, aims, and objectives. Every Parkland Magnet High School freshman takes a level one arts course of their choosing. Each class studies the artistic genre while addressing aspects of the IB Theory of Knowledge course and a school designed creative writing curriculum where students are encouraged to find and express (logically through supported arguements) their own voice on a variety of topics in both written and oral assignments.

Visual Arts courses begin with Visual Arts 1 and continue up through IB Visual Arts 2. Students are assigned projects that expose them to the breadth of artistic expression while allowing them to demonstrate competency in the methods of production. In the higher level courses students are encouraged to explore the various mediums with which they work and the masters of those mediums. There is a strong focus on individual growth as an artist in these courses. Students participate in various art benefits (including Empty Bowls and Habitat For Humanity’s Bird House Project) throughout the year. Student art is exhibited throughout the county, with the culminating event being the Annual International Baccalaureate Art Show.

Theatre Arts offers courses beginning with Theatre Arts 1 and carrying forward to Theatre Arts 4. IB Theatre Arts is also offered. Student performances are scheduled for the Fall and Spring. Students also perform in statewide competitions in the fall, Shakespeare workshops in the spring, and various other theatre outreach programs where they work with elementary and middle school students.

Music has a strong presence at Parkland High School in the forms of the marching band, jazz band, orchestra, men’s chorus, women’s chorus, and the musical theatre productions produced in the Spring. Instrumental opprotunities range from the drum line to the string quartet. The chorus has won regional competitions and traveled nationally to perform. The study of music theory and composition is made available to students through the IB Music course.

Dance at Parkland High School seeks to facilitate the opportunities for students to open their minds and absorb multifaceted learning experiences. Students are introduced to modern dance as an approach to studying dance as an art form that requires creative thinking, body knowledge, mind-body awareness and physical skills. Parkland High School dance develops technique and refines students’ skills as both choreographer and performer. Dancers study the purpose of dance, dance genres, cultural themes, artistic conflicts and resolutions, innovation, social issues, technical application and significant contributors.

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