Sherwood Forest Elementary School

Sherwood Forest Elementary School

sherwood forest elementary school logoSherwood Forest Elementary School
1055 Yorkshire Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Phone: (336) 774-4646
Fax: (336) 774-4693
Website: Sherwood Forest Elementary School
Hours: 8:20 am – 2:50 pm
Principal: Jacob Lowther
Assistant Principal: Donna Mickens

Sherwood Forest Elementary School Mission

The mission of Sherwood Forest Elementary School is to provide a safe environment, which promotes life-long learning through an active process shared by students, teachers, parents and community. The strengths and talents of each child are recognized and developed in an atmosphere where arts and sciences are integrated and diversity is respected and encouraged.

Sherwood Forest Elementary School Overview

Sherwood Forest Elementary School is a K-5 elementary school with 525 students enrolled. Sherwood Forest Elementary School will nurture and develop children’s natural curiosity. Through an emphasis on the scientific method, students will observe, investigate, and draw conclusions.

In a similar manner, they will use their curiosity in art as they learn to perceive and create. The integration of science and visual arts will extend through all grades and subjects. Students will participate in activities which demonstrate the connections of ideas across the curriculum and which enhance the joy of learning. The curriculum also offers:

  • Early intervention programs that include “Parents Assisting Learning” (PAL)
  • Foreign language instruction, Spanish, in grades 3-5
  • Reduced class size during language arts /math blocks in grades 1 & 2, through the use of full-time and half-time teachers
  • Math Superstars Program
  • Student participation in math and science contests, geography and spelling bees
  • Sherwood Forest Elementary School Environment

Sherwood Forest challenges all students to reach their full potential. The school environment is a safe one, and students are encouraged to make good choices by SOARing: Showing Others Appreciation and Respect.

In addition to the system-wide “Commitment to Discipline for Learning” and classroom rules, Sherwood Forest has three school-wide rules whereby we:

  • Come to school prepared to learn;
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves, and
  • Walk and talk quietly throughout the building.

Rules and consequences are framed positively; students are taught to make positive, appropriate choices. Our school family recognizes and respects the dignity of every child.

Parents are energetic visitors at our school where they frequently serve as volunteers. Sherwood Forest is both fortunate and proud to have a strong volunteer program. Our business partners work hard, too, in their support of student achievement. Sherwood’s strong PTA works continuously with activities to help support many of the “extra essentials” throughout our school. The PTA provides dedicated “hands-on” assistance, as well as significant financial assistance for various program needs.

Sherwood Forest Elementary School Facility Information

Twenty-four classrooms, including an art studio, a computer lab, and a science lab; a POD with 7 classrooms; gym/auditorium, cafeteria, and media center; many outdoor areas; a huge playground area, including three separate play areas, and a walking track. In 2010 a new wing with classrooms, new offices and a cafeteria will open.

Every classroom has computers, and classes are scheduled for the computer lab weekly. The PTA purchased 30 IBM computers for the computer lab during 2004-2005. Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools continue to upgrade and improve technology throughout the district.

Sherwood Forest Elementary School Highlights

Sherwood Forest faculty and staff at all grade levels have participated in many staff development projects: African-American Infusion Project; character education training; quality training; art activities; reading, writing, and math workshops; computer/technology training; and Sci-Max training through the National Science Foundation Grant.

We are extremely proud of every grade level’s participation with science projects during our science fair and the tremendous amount of quality student art constantly on exhibit in our building and in the community.

Newsletters are distributed monthly by the PTA, as well as weekly PTA e-notes. They include upcoming events and special activities. Teachers continue to develop web pages for their classes, and the progress reports are sent home four times each grading period to keep parents informed about the academic success of their children.

Sherwood Forest Elementary School Principals Message

Sherwood Forest Elementary School offers a state-of-the arts program in science and visual arts. It provides a stimulating and challenging environment for eager young minds. We draw very heavily on the abundant community resources, from Wake Forest University to the Western Triad Science and Mathematics Alliance. Our PTA works diligently with our staff to provide the most up-to-date art and science equipment, as well as equipment and books for our media center, science lab and art studio.

We have been able to create a student-centered environment that features interactive learning and teaching. Our students are always among the best prepared participants at the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Science Fair and Art Exhibits. We emphasize the scientific method so the students are able to investigate and draw conclusions about real world problems. In art, students are able to use a variety of media to produce art work that has been displayed in exhibitions at SECCA, Wake Forest, and the North Carolina Art Museum in Raleigh.

Please come visit our school where curiosity opens doors and where the strengths of each child are recognized and developed to his or her full potential!

Directions to Sherwood Forest Elementary School

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