The Downtown School

The Downtown School

The Downtown School in Winston Salem NCThe Downtown School
601 N. Cherry Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone: (336) 703-4125
Fax: (336) 748-3361
Website: The Downtown School
Hours: 8:45 am – 3:15 pm
Principal: Janet Atkinson

The Downtown School: Overview

For the Downtown School, location is central to the The Downtown School’s focus on teaching children about the world around them. Community resources are included in instruction in order to emphasize active and exploratory learning.

The Downtown School provides programs for students ages 3 thru grade 6. The Downtown School requires all parents to volunteer at least an hour per week per child.

As much as 1/3 of the students are children of employees of The Downtown School’s primary business partner, Reynolds American Inc. The remaining students come from families that work or live in the central area of Winston Salem.

The Downtown School has aroundt 330 students in their elementary school program. The students assigned to classes which have 15 students with one teacher for two years. Additional options include extended care programs, half-day or full-day programs for preschool and kindergarten.

The Downtown School’s middle school program will be small – having about 135 students in grades 6 thru 8. Students in the elementary program at The Downtown School will have the option to remain for grades 6 thru 8. There are going to be three classes of sixth graders with 15 students in each of the classes. The application process students not currently attending The Downtown School will be lottery based.

Students selection for the Downtown School is handled via random drawing. There is no transportation provided to/from The Downtown School.

Tuition is charged for The Downtown School’s preschool, extended-day and for their summer enrichment programs.

The Downtown School Mission

the downtown schoolWe believe children:

  • Are unique.
  • Are inquisitive and socially interactive.
  • Possess individual timings and patterns of growth.
  • Incorporate prior life experiences into new learning.

Therefore, the School Community will:

  • Treat children with respect and dignity.
  • Model acceptance of diversity.
  • Teach skills, processes and self-evaluation necessary for life-long learning.
  • Provide an active learning environment that offers security and understanding.
  • Cultivate value for the environment.
  • Promote responsibility of self.
  • Foster an enthusiasm for learning.

The Downtown School Educational Philosophy

Eight Intelligences based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Linguistic (Word Smart): Everything having to do with listening, speaking, reading and writing. Poets, storytellers, authors and public speakers exemplify high levels of sensitivity to this area of intelligence.

Musical (Music Smart): ability to think in sound, to hear without auditory stimuli and to be able to manipulate and combine elements of music without necessarily expressing them on a musical instrument.

Logical-Mathematical (Math Smart): ability to move form the concrete in the manipulation of objects to drawing inferences from observations, to making calculations, to the abstract in science and logic. Scientists, mathematicians, computer experts, and philosophers are examples of people with a highly developed logical-mathematical intelligence.

Spatial (Picture Smart): ability to perceive the three-dimensional world accurately and to use manipulative imagery to modify and to recreate aspects of one’s visual world. Careers using spatial intelligence are sculptors, architects, chess players and navigators.

Bodily Kinesthetic (Body Smart): ability to coordinate one’s bodily movement and to manipulate objects such as tools and instruments. Athletes, dancers, carpenters and surgeons are examples of persons using a high level of Bodily Kinesthetic intelligence.

Interpersonal (People Smart): capacity to notice and to make distinctions regarding the characteristics and feelings of others and how to relate to others based upon these observations. Political leaders, teachers, counselors, and supervisors are examples of persons who rely upon a highly developed interpersonal intelligence in their careers.

Intrapersonal (Self Smart): knowledge of one’s self. It is the ability to draw upon one’s own feelings and motivations to guide one’s own behavior. Psychiatrists, psychotherapists, artists, and spiritual leaders represent high levels of sensitivity to this area of intelligence.

Naturalist (Nature Smart): one’s ability to work with the earth and develop an understanding of the world and its living organisms.

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  1. JAN KISER says:

    Hi, My name is Jan Kiser and I am inquiring about my daughter possibly attending the Downtown school next fall. What the steps that I need to take and what is the possiblity of being expected into the school for the lottery. We would like to take a tour and see what the school has to offer. We know someone that is in the preschool program and loves it. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to talking with you.
    Jan Kiser

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