Union Cross Elementary School

Union Cross Elementary School

union cross elementary schoolUnion Cross Elementary School
4300 High Point Road
Kernersville, NC 27284
Phone: (336) 769-9031
Fax: (336) 769-3311
Website: Union Cross Elementary School
Hours: 8:10 am – 2:40 pm
Principal: Vicki Stevens
Assistant Principal: Constance Graham
Assistant Principal: Angela McHam

Union Cross Elementary School Beliefs, Mission, Etc.

Union Cross Elementary School provides a safe and structured environment where all students can succeed and are actively engaged in becoming responsible, life-long learners.

The faculty and staff of Union Cross are committed to providing a safe, stimulating environment in which all children can reach their full potential and become caring, responsible problem solvers in a 21st century world.

The faculty and staff of Union Cross Elementary School believe that:

  • Everyone is unique and has value.
  • Children learn best when they feel safe and invited.
  • Everyone is responsible for their own actions.
  • All children are capable of achieving.
  • Every child deserves the expectation of greatness.

Union Cross Elementary School and Positive Behavior Intervention Support

What is Positive Behavior Intervention Support?

Why is it so important to focus on teaching positive social behaviors?

In the past, school-wide discipline has focused mainly on reacting to specific student misbehavior by implementing punishment-based strategies including reprimands, loss of privileges, office referrals, suspensions, and expulsions. Research has shown that the implementation of punishment, especially when it is used inconsistently and in the absence of other positive strategies, is ineffective. Introducing, modeling, and reinforcing positive social behavior is an important part of a student’s educational experience. Teaching behavioral expectations and rewarding students for following them is a much more positive approach than waiting for misbehavior to occur before responding. The purpose of school-wide PBS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm.

How do we know if a school-wide system of discipline or positive behavioral interventions and supports is effective?

Many schools make the mistake implementing a school-wide system of discipline or positive behavior support without monitoring its effectiveness on a regular and frequent basis. Regular monitoring and evaluation are needed to a) prevent ineffective practices from wasting time and resources, b) improve the efficiency and effectiveness of current procedures, c) eliminate elements of the system that are ineffective or inefficient, and d) make modifications before problem behavior patterns become too durable and unable to be changed.

What relationship does a school-wide system of discipline or positive behavioral interventions and supports have with other school initiatives, like safe and drug-free schools , IDEIA , character education , early literacy?

School-wide positive behavior support is not considered a new initiative. Instead, it is a set of problem solving strategies and processes that can be used to build upon a school’s existing strengths. However, school-wide PBS has a lot of characteristics that overlap with other initiatives. Proactive school-wide discipline systems create environments in which: a) learning and teaching are valued, and aggressive, unsafe behavior are discouraged; b) respect, responsibility, cooperation, and other highly valued character traits are taught and encouraged; c) individual differences are valued rather than criticized; d) educating students with disabilities can be supported more effectively and efficiently, and e) teaching fundamental skills like reading and math can be maximized.

Union Cross Elementary School and Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading program that allows students to take a computerized quiz after they have read an AR book. Teachers can set goals for Accelerated Reader based on students very own individualized reading level after students take regularly scheduled STAR computerized reading tests. These tests help teachers determine reading levels for each and every student at Union Cross. Teachers set 3 goals for AR: percentage correct, points earned, and book level. This is a great tool for individualizing instruction for reading. AR is only one program at Union Cross out of many that helps teachers encourage reading and assess students” reading levels.

A complete list of Accelerated Reader Books is available through our Media Center Website. Be sure to check Destiny to make sure we have the book in our collection. Students will be trained at the beginning of each school year on how to use the Destiny Media program as well as given an orientation on the Accelerated Reader program.

Goals will be set separately for each individual student based on their reading level and include three components: percentage correct, points earned and book level. All K-2nd graders goals will be set at 80% correct and 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at 85% correct. Incentives will be provided for students who reach their goals! Please encourage your child to be reading every evening!!

Directions to Union Cross Elementary School

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