Winston Salem Preparatory Academy

Winston Salem Preparatory Academy

Winston Salem Preparatory AcademyWinston Salem Preparatory Academy
1215 N. Cameron Ave
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone: (336) 703-6732
Fax: (336) 727-2931
Website: Winston Salem Preparatory Academy
Hours: 8:20 am – 3:05 pm
Principal: Richard Watts
Assistant Principal: Mary Ranson
Assistant Principal: Larry Lewis

Winston Salem Preparatory Academy Mission

Winston Salem Preparatory Academy’s mission is to prepare students to enter college through a caring and nurturing learning environment enabling all students to achieve academic excellence through personalized instruction, an integrated curriculum, and leadership opportunities throughout the community.

Winston Salem Preparatory Academy is a 6-8/9-12 magnet school also serving a part of the residential community. We pride ourselves on creating a small and personalized learning environment. As of the spring of 2010, our ratio of students to classroom teachers hovers at around 12:1. This doesn’t include the support staff that are here to see that no child is missed, that he or she is known by as many staff members as possible, that your child is challenged academically, supported emotionally, and prepared to enter an institution of higher learning.

Our numbers are growing, a reflection of the trust parents have placed in us. And they have good reason to think their children will fare well at Winston Salem Preparatory Academy. Our graduation rate, starting with our first class of ’08 and continuing in ’09 and ’10 has been the highest in the WS/FCS district with a very large percentage attending some form of post-secondary education. Our academic record continues to improve and our Administration and Guidance or Curriculum staff will gladly share these figures with you.

Enrollment continues to grow as we attract more and more students eager to be part of a process that “touches every student”. It is our way of making sure your child never becomes “just a number”. If you’re looking for solid education and continuity for your child, for the promise of a bright future, then Winston Salem Preparatory Academy is the place to be.

Winston Salem Preparatory Academy History

Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy @ Atkins School is housed in the former Atkins High School. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it was dedicated on April 2, 1931. Winston Salem Preparatory Academy was created a magnet school to attract highly motivated students whose primary interest was to prepare themselves for a 4-year university education.

The former Atkins High School owes its name to Dr. Simon Green Atkins. Dr. Atkins was instrumental in founding, in 1892, the precursor to what is now Winston-Salem State University. The Atkins name was transferred to a new “Simon G. Atkins Academic and Technology High School” in September 2006 but the spirit of Dr. Atkins lives on at Winston Salem Preparatory Academy.

Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy (Winston Salem Preparatory Academy) opened in the fall 2004 under the leadership of Mr. Dennis Walker, Winston Salem Preparatory Academy’s first principal. Winston Salem Preparatory Academy graduated its first class in 2008 with the expectation that 90% of its graduates will enter a four-year college program and that expectation was met. Winston Salem Preparatory Academy regularly maintains one of the highest graduation rates in the WSFCS school system.

Winston Salem Preparatory Academy is endowed with a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. All students are encouraged to become Crosby Scholars, and by so doing, prepare themselves academically, personally, and financially for college admission.

All students in Winston Salem Preparatory Academy are enrolled in the College/University Prep Course of Study. Winston Salem Preparatory Academy’s curriculum is designed to prepare students to meet the admissions requirements for the college of their choice. Students have access to all core courses including foreign language as well as electives that include computer science, music, art, and College Prep I. Each student has access to a laptop computer to enhance his or her learning and technology is integrated throughout the school’s curriculum.

A small and personalized learning environment is the centerpiece of the Gates Foundation attributes and principles. Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy enrolled 100 students for its first ninth-grade class and opened the 2005-2006 as a 6-10 school due to the merger of Atkins Middle School with the Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy. The addition of grades 6-8 allows Winston Salem Preparatory Academy to start preparing students from grade 6 for college. Our projected enrollment for grades 6-12 is 600 students and we are extremely proud of our tight-knit learning community.

Richard Watts assumed the role of principal in 2007. Larry F. Lewis continues to serve as Assistant Principal for the High School. Mary P. Ranson was the first Assistant Principal for the Middle School while Ms. Beverley Hughes now currently holds that position and also serves as Middle School Literacy Facilitator.

Directions to Winston Salem Preparatory Academy


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